Sizing Up: Is Your House Too Big or Too Small?

We’ve all dreamt of getting a home, decorating it just the way we like it, and being able to have a place that we can call our own. While some people like tiny homes for the environment and others have the goal of having gigantic mansions that look like they came out of a Hollywood fever dream, most want a good enough space to be comfortable with. That said, many people may not be sure what the perfect space is for them.

As more lands are for sale, buyers may be wondering how big of a property they should build on the land. The answer to that depends on per person, and on how you answer the questions below.

Are you running out of space for storage?

If you can no longer move around comfortably or look at your interior space without cringing at the amount of stuff piling up, the first thing to consider is whether you might have too much stuff. Even if you’re no hoarder, statistics show that 80% of the stuff people keep is never used. If you’ve decluttered and it still feels tight, this is a visible sign you need more space.

Is everyone fighting for the bathroom a lot?

Another significant sign that you need to move into or build a bigger space is having a constant battle for the bathroom. Of course, sometimes, it can be an unavoidable experience if every household member needs to wash up or relieve themselves. However, if it’s a reoccurring problem because five people have to fight over usage of a single bathroom, this is an obvious tell that it is time to opt for an area with more than one.

Is every space maximised or useful?

moving into a new house

If you have an area that is just space collecting dust, a whole area that has just become a dump for old papers, unused junk, and old clothes lying around, this could be a sign that you could make do with a smaller space. While you can always find a use for that space to make the most of each area in your home, an unnecessarily large home uses up resources that you don’t need to be using. Downsizing comfortably can lessen both your bills and environmental footprint.

Are you having difficulty keeping everything clean?

It is a sign that your home may be too big for general upkeep if you’re sure that you’re thorough with the cleaning and it still feels like it’s either not enough or too much work. For this particular factor, though, it’s also important to consider that you might have too much stuff or that your ventilation is not apt enough so that dust builds up more.

Is each room functional?

Essentially a more glaring variation of the third question, if you have any room that is literally unused and practically never visited, it may be a sign that your home is too big. An empty room relegated as a glorified storage unit is the most visible manifestation of this, but other things like an unused gym area or an old playroom also count. It’s just not practical to keep up these rooms that aren’t serving any real use.

These questions can help you determine the house size you need for yourself or your family. That is not just a matter of budgeting, too, because making a place feel like a good “home” is vital for your well-being.

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