Seeking Longevity with Wooden Furniture

Seeing Santa Fe rustic furniture may seem far-fetched now due to modernization, but wood products are still everywhere in those hidden, small shops of the city. Wood is a class act. From tables to chairs, shelves to cupboards, wood is the ultimate balancer in today’s fast, glitzy world.

What Makes Wood Strong

A wooden dining table’s life depends on the quality of the wood. A wooden chair’s age hinges on the weight and thickness of its material. Strength is subject to the quality and form of the material used. But what makes wood strong is not just shown by its durability but also by its sustainability and flexibility.

1. Durability

The robustness of wood is a key contributor to its durability. Any type of wood holds a material stability that can be chipped and formed into many products. The hardness is enough to make solid parts of a wooden product. It is also this hardness that stabilizes joints.

The durability of wood also helps you maintain them conveniently. You only need to wax, polish, or oil them a few times in a given period. There is no need to apply special chemicals or additional work to keep their strength.

2. Sustainability

Wood’s renewable property makes it a strong material fit for many purposes. It is more environmentally friendly than non-wood alternatives such as plastic or metal.

Since it is renewable, it can sustain itself, replenishing production the natural way. While wood releases carbon (though with lower carbon footprint than chemical production), it can also absorb carbon. Essentially, it is self-sustaining.

3. Flexibility

The usability of wood shows that it is formable to many wooden products. Such elasticity in use makes wood a favorite choice for rustic designs. In a way, the many uses compare to the malleability of metal, something that gives it a strong appeal to carvers and carpenters.

Any product that has flexibility like wood commands multiple uses and demand. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be a supplemental addition to boost design and add strength to home interiors.


Ways to Prolong Lifespan

Wood, like any material, age and lose strength over time. But you can arrest aging by maintaining them properly. The tips below will help you prolong the life of your wooden furniture.

1. Use especially-made paint to prevent water from peering through the wood. Water penetration is the top reason wood erodes. Choosing a coat that resembles the color of the wooden furniture is advisable.

2. Fill cavities and scratches by using a filler. This saves the wood from water, dust accumulation, and further injuries. A filler also smoothens the surface of the wood.

3. Do not use cleaning agents that damage the protective coat of the wood. Once the protective coat is damaged, the exposed wood becomes susceptible to further damage from chemicals.

Since the earliest civilizations in human history, wood has been a staple to almost everything man does. From homes, ships, weapons, to medicine, wood is a universal material. It still is even with the proliferation of new materials. As with wooden furniture, it is a reminder of wood’s timeless uses.

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