Safely Moving during the New Normal

Moving to a new house or apartment is already stressful enough on its own, but it’s even more taxing in the middle of a global crisis. With the general chaos of daily life at the moment, many of those who planned to move to a new place have to delay their plans. If you’re one of these people, you might be feeling a little uneasy about pursuing your move, even with more relaxed lockdown measures. Here are some strategies to help ease your anxiety about moving:

Keep a safe distance from everyone and wear a mask

If you need to save some cash and if you aren’t taking too many belongings with you to your new residence, you can always go for a DIY move. However,  if you want to live to see your new living space, it’s better to hire a dependable removals man with a van.

Just be sure to keep a safe distance from everyone who’ll help you out with your move  — from your family members to the moving company — and ensure that everyone is wearing the proper personal protective equipment. You can always call up the moving company to go through what preventive measures they’re taking to ensure that everything is done safely.

Have disinfectants, masks, and gloves on hand

During the moving process, it’s helpful to keep hand sanitizers, extra masks, and wipes with you to ensure that you can periodically disinfect your hands every so often. Even if you’re keeping yourself safe, there’s no guarantee that everyone else helping you takes the same level of precaution. So get them up to speed with your hygiene practices by making it easier for them to sanitize their hands and wear personal protective gear.


Get everything ready beforehand

The less contact you have with your movers, the better. Streamline the process for them by making sure everything is packed up and ready to go once they arrive. This will also give you enough time to bring your packages to the front of your home for them to quickly pick up and load onto the truck without having to make any contact with you.

Inform everyone if you feel any symptoms of illness

Whether you have the bug or if you’re suffering from allergies, it’s better to be transparent if you or any of your companions are feeling a little under the weather. You should also let them know if you had any contact with someone who is under isolation or who has been confirmed to have the illness.

Letting them know about these circumstances helps them adequately prepare for the situation. The moving company will most likely still offer to take your stuff. They’ll just be extra careful about it for the health and safety of their employees. There’s no shame in making sure the process is as safe for everyone as possible.

These practices will not only keep you safe but also ensure that everyone helping you move during these tumultuous times is safe. Follow these simple steps, and you’re sure to have a worry-free move to your new living space.

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