Preparing to Move to a Foreign Country

Working in a foreign country is both scary and exciting. It produces the anxiety of not knowing the environment in which you will live for an indefinite time, yet it also creates thrilling anticipation of the many possible opportunities. Leaving your comfort zone would be the first thing on your mind. Here’s a couple of advice to help you transition:

Research into the country

It is important that you know the customs and culture of the country you are going to. Research into and read about the country—just enough to ensure that you know where your country’s embassy is, safe and dangerous places for foreigners, and other things. It is also important to know available banks, money transfer companies, and express transport to Europe, for instance. You will need this information for transactions later on when you settle in. You should also read about what items are expensive in that particular country. This will be an important factor when you pack your things.

Find an ideal location to live

An ideal location to live will vary depending on your budget and personality. A good point to remember is to check how far it is to your new workplace. It is indeed an ideal place if you can just walk to reach your workplace. Otherwise, look for available public transportation.

You are lucky if the company that has hired you provides a means of transportation to and from the workplace. If not, you should have ample knowledge of commuting, especially if you haven’t secured your own car yet. Should there be an available vehicle for you to rent, the next thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the streets and major thoroughfares. These include traffic rules and regulations as well.

Prepare to Move Out

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Now that you have ample knowledge of the country you are moving to and find an ideal location to live, you are prepared to move out. Packing is an arduous task. If you have too many clothes, it may be time to sort them out and leave what you can always buy. Since you already know the items that come as expensive in that country, you already know what to pack.

You may need more jackets than shirts or fewer shoes than trousers. However, it may be difficult to leave the clothes and furniture that you already purchased. You can contact an express transport company and have them shipped to your new house.

Inform your family and friends

The hardest thing to do is to say goodbye to family and friends. It is vital that you inform your friends and relatives about your decision to work in a different country. While you can always create new friends and contacts where you are going, your family and friends need to know where you are. This is to prevent them from worrying. It is also a comforting knowledge that you can always contact them should the opportunity or circumstance comes up.

When you are now ready to leave, the mixture of anxiety and excitement of working in a foreign country may overwhelm you. With ample time to research and prepare, you are in a better disposition to overcome these emotions.

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