No to Brand-new Cars for Now: How You Can Keep Your Old Car

Many people are holding on to their cars longer than they should for a number of reasons. One main reason might be that the cost of buying a brand-new car is high. But having an older car does not translate into a poor driving experience. Sometimes, it is even more enjoyable to go on a trip riding on a car that you have owned for so many years already. Other people also choose to keep their old cars for sentimental reasons.

Sitting in traffic, you cannot help envying the shiny new SUVs sandwiching you on every side. But before you shrink further into your seat, here is an interesting fact: The average age of the cars on the road is an impressive 11.6 years. This means that you do not have to replace your eight-year-old Subaru, even though it needs some Subaru auto repair every now and then.

Most people in the United States drive old cars. While the economic downturn may have a hand in it, it cannot be the only driving factor. Modern technology leads to superior-quality cars that boast a longer lifespan. As such, you can keep your car running smoothly despite the mounting years.

Watch how you drive

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, “drive safely” is still a good piece of advice. And it does not just serve to caution against dangerous overtaking, running the red light, or keeping to the speed limits. It refers to the hard braking, cornering, accelerating, and speeding over bumpy roads.

Such bad behavior takes a toll on your car. It increases the wear and tear of your brake pads, shock absorber, and tires while putting your wheels at risk. It means that you are likely to incur a high maintenance cost for your ride while drastically lowering the lifespan.

Watch what goes into the tank

Saving a few bucks for every refill might seem like a great cost-cutting move. But the fact that you are likely to run into bad gas should stop you from doing this. Rough idling, pinging sounds, stalling, and hard start are just indicators that you have bad gas in the tank. Rather than risk your car’s engine to save a few bucks, you are better off fueling a reputable service station.

Keep away from gas stations with steeply discounted pump prices. They are likely to be doctoring their products to increase their profit margins. You do not have to add more to your bad gas problems. Watching what goes into the tank might be simple, but it can definitely add more years to your beloved vehicle.

Modern cars are built to last and serve you for a longer time. You do not have to replace your old car if it still serves you well. You do not have to envy those who have shiny brand-new cars that you see while you drive. Someday, you will have to buy a new one, too. But for now, you need to take proactive measures to ensure that your car rides out the years without putting you through hell.

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