Keep Your Office Building Cool at a Reasonable Cost

One season that many office workers dread is summer. While many people are off to enjoy their vacations, those stuck in the office might end up going to work despite the blistering heat. An office building can be a bad place to be in when the temperature goes up. If you don’t want your employees sweating through the summer months, here’s how to make it better for them without breaking the bank:

Invest in Some Blinds

Direct sunlight is what causes a significant increase in the heat for your office. If you have large windows, they can be great for letting the natural light in, but there can be too much of a good thing. Buy and install some blinds or curtains so that the full midday sunlight does not come in. The shade is often enough to stop the harsh light from coming in while still providing you with natural light.

You might need to turn on the lights, but those are much cooler than sunlight. If you want to go all-out, you can buy some light-reducing film or even buy insulated windows so that the heat doesn’t come in at all.

Close the Windows Tight

If your office has windows that open, then you should advise people to shut them tight. This might seem counter-intuitive since you might think a breeze would cool things down. However, you probably already have air conditioning. An open window only allows the cool air from inside your office to escape and the hot air outside to come in.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

It might sound like a significant expense, but some upgrades to your HVAC system can go a long way. It can pay for itself if you approach it the right way. For example, installing a chilled water tank allows your chiller compressor to have a ready source of cold water anytime. This helps it cool down your office faster, with a lower drain on energy. A full upgrade can even be worth it, especially if your HVAC unit is older than 10 years. Modern cooling units can keep your office cooler while being more energy-efficient.

ThermostatControl the Thermostat

As the boss, you need to be aware of what your people think of as a comfortable temperature. The ideal temperature for working is around 71.6 Fahrenheit, and you should be locking it down at that temperature. Messing around with the thermostat can make it difficult for people to get comfortable.

Be careful, though. This can be a bit cold for some people in thin clothes so you might want to advise your employees to have a jacket in the office. Additionally, you might want to check out some areas of your office to see whether they need to be cooler since they might have equipment that generates a lot of heat like your servers or the copy room.

Get Comfortable

A comfortable office is a great help to your workers. When it is incredibly hot outside, working in a place with low temperatures can be a blessing. With employees not distracted by the heat, you can be sure that you’ll be hitting your deadlines.

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