Ideas on Effectively Maximizing Your Storage Space

Got a warehouse? A garage you store all your junk in? A specific storage container you've rented long-term? Whatever space you have, it's essential to manage it well so you can maximize the area you have and not have the whole place become a cluttered mess that you can't navigate properly. If you want to be able to effectively make use of every inch of space without creating a jungle for your storage, try making use of these tricks and tips.

  • Invest in good shelving.

It can save you a lot of headaches and room if you put up some heavy-duty long span shelving across the wall. That allows you to make more use of the vertical space instead of having to take up floor space continuously. That also makes it easier to store different kinds of items from files to boxes to various knickknacks. You'll want to get an excellent sturdy shelf, too, so that you're not limited by the weight of items you deem safe enough to put up and even stack.

  • Use stackable boxes.

Stacking can save a lot of space, and boxes make for quick piling, labeling, and retrieval of items. If you're going to be using these boxes for long-term storage anyway, invest in some suitable containers that are easily stackable so that it's not a hassle to place them sturdily on top of each other. It's also easier to remove a layer whenever you might need something in one of the levels.

  • Segregate by item type.

This step makes it easier to remember where things are in case you need to scrounge them up later on, plus it's an excellent way to take account of how much you have that might be the same thing. After all, it may be helpful to have tools altogether while it's also an eye-opener to realise you might have five too many clocks for display.

  • Don't keep things loose.

box with label

Having small items scattered around is messy, and this is not only stressful to look at, but it's also a hazard that you can trip on or step on get yourself a nasty wound. Having things just loosely hanging around instead of stored neatly in containers also has a tendency to make things look messier, and cluttered surroundings cause stress more than folks usually realise. It draws focus from our brains and overloads our senses with excessive stimuli, and makes it more likely to feel frustrated (especially if you're looking for something.)

  • Know when to get rid of things.

Part of making the most of your storage space is also knowing when to get rid of some things that you will no longer be using. Things that rot are the first ones to go and are easier to discern in terms of creating a discard pile. But when figuring out what items to give away, sell, or throw out, it may help you to ask some core questions to determine whether you should still keep it or not. Is it in good condition, and do you still use it? Does it have sentimental value? Do you have duplicates? Answering "no" to those should be a tell that it's time to let it go.

If you follow through on these, you should be able to make the most of your storage space.

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