Health and Safety Pointers for Your Home Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in the yard can bring your whole family together. It can be where you and your kids can build lasting memories and remind your children how hard you worked to give them the best possible childhood. But at the same time, it can also be a health and safety hazard without proper safeguards in place. Here are some safety and privacy reminders to ensure your swimming pool remains a safe zone.

Consider adding a safety fence

One of the things you can add to your swimming pool, at least while your children are still young, is a safety fence. It’s literally as its name suggests: A reliable safety barrier for your pool that is sturdy enough that young children can’t climb it. But they are also easy for strong adults to tear down and store when not in use. Some safety fences can also adapt to the shape and size of any swimming pool, so they were truly developed to help adults protect young kids and pets from suddenly jumping into the pool without adult supervision. Make sure you buy one with a self-locking entrance.

Use tall and sturdy yard fences

Another thing you should consider when thinking of your children’s and pets’ safety while swimming in the yard is the appearance of wild animals, especially if you live in an area where they are prevalent. Consider using the most reliable composite fencing to ensure that stray animals remain where you want them to be—outside and far away from your kids and pets.

Invest in a storage shed with life-saving equipment

Having a swimming pool built is one thing. But you can consider storage or a shed where you can keep some life-saving equipment like a reaching pole, throwing rope with some rings, a rescue hook, inflatable floats, vests, and others. There are plenty of ways to make your pool shed look stylish, from turning it into a glasshouse or in the shape of a gazebo to a Mediterranean fantasy—you can always make your pool shed look straight out of a five-star luxury resort.

Add some depth markers

If the swimming pool is just as much for the adults as it is for the kids, make sure to add some depth markers or warning signs that tell swimmers just how deep the water is at any given point. It will help your kids know when to stop swimming further. If you must have a diving board, make sure it’s in an area where the water is a bit deeper because diving into shallow water might cause swimmers to hit bottom and cause injury to the neck.

Mind the health of the water

swimming pool

Another thing you want to make a note of if you want your swimming pool area to be a pinnacle of health and safety is the health of the water. Believe it or not, we can actually contract some illnesses through recreational swimming.

Summer is here, which means your kids and pets might be spending more time in the pool than in other areas of the home. Make sure that the hygiene and health of your pool water are always a priority and that you maintain it regularly. Here are some tips to ensure that your children and pets are swimming in healthy pool water:

  • Research alternatives to chlorine. While it is known for being the go-to purification agent for pool water for decades, there have been increasing concerns over this ingredient’s long-term effects on the human body.
  • Encourage your kids and your guests to take a short shower first before jumping into the pool to help protect the water’s purity.
  • Apply the same standards to your pool as you would public pools. Many states require health inspections to ensure that community pools meet the minimum health standards. Purchase some pool test kits or even ask for some from groups like the Water Quality and Health Council to ensure that your pool water is always in tip-top shape.
  • Regularly check your swimming pool for signs of wear and tear. If there are damages like rips in the liner, the rust and deterioration might contaminate the water.

Having a swimming pool is a privilege that can help provide your kids with a happy childhood, but not if there are no rules in place. Talk to your kids about these health and safety measures like no peeing in the pool and no swimming without adult supervision, and you can rest assured that your pool will bring more fun than harm in your kids’ growing up years.

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