After the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners need to focus on redesigning their office spaces to make them more conducive to the new normal lifestyle and workflow. While some companies will retain their virtual work arrangement despite the rollout of vaccinations, others will slowly explore the idea of going back to their physical office spaces where employees can work together once again. These business owners need to acknowledge the new needs and preferences of their workers to provide a suitable work environment.

Explore the idea of hiring a general and remodeling contractor to help you redesign your new office space. The new normal calls for many adjustments in the work environment because of the safety protocols that need to be observed. Business leaders and managers are responsible for making their teams feel safe despite reporting back at the office after more than a year.

Retaining a virtual work arrangement and deciding to go back to the office are two setups that have their own set of pros and cons. Leaders should weigh their options to see which would be best for their company and their teams.

Virtual, Colocated, or Hybrid: Which Work Setup Is the Best?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many businesses to a new work setup, shifting to the digital workspace. The transition to the digital sphere has been a significant change for many organizations that are not accustomed to this modern work arrangement. A lot of managers and employees had to learn new technologies and techniques in working remotely. 

Since the start of the recent vaccine rollout, there has been a new type of work setup that was introduced to businesses. This is called the hybrid work model. A hybrid work model entails a work arrangement that combines in-office reporting and remote work. While some companies have been exploring this type of work arrangement, a wide range of hybrid work setups need to be studied and considered before implementation. In deciding what type of work setup is best for your team, consider that having a distributed workforce has its own set of pros and cons. Weigh your options and see what alternatives are best suited for your situation. 

Since the implementation of a remote work setup for many businesses, employees now prefer having a virtual work arrangement even after the pandemic. Many employees have also stated that they will look for a job that offers the benefit of a remote work arrangement if their current job will no longer allow this setup. This shows that many workers see the advantages of working from home compared to reporting on site. 

Business owners and managers need to prioritize the preferences and needs of their workforce so that they can continuously provide the tools that are most suited for their workflow. These business leaders need to meet halfway with their employee’s requests and suggestions to retain their solid workforce. 

Redesigning the Post-pandemic Office Space

With the new normal lifestyle and workflow, organizations who wish to go back to their physical office spaces need to redesign their workplace according to the new set of needs and preferences of their teams. These new office design elements should also accommodate the new safety guidelines and protocols that need to be followed after the pandemic. 

Apart from implementing various technological developments to assist your upgraded workflow, companies should also consider having an indoor garden or an assigned space for nature where employees can ease their stress and get fresh air. Developing these natural spaces will allow workers to prioritize their well-being despite the workload they may have at the office. 

Outdoor spaces are the new must-have amenities for buildings and offices. Employees who are considering finding a new job opportunity because of the on-site work setup may reconsider their decision if open and natural spaces are available at the office. 

Businesses should prioritize their employees’ health and wellness, whether it be regarding the COVID-19 virus or their assignments at work. Redesigning office spaces to accommodate the shift in needs amid the new normal is essential for companies to thrive in the new business landscape.

Managers should always promote self-care among their employees. Having workers who take care of their physical and mental health is beneficial to any organization. Their wellness will contribute to the efficiency and productivity level of the organization’s workflow. As companies explore the idea of going back to physical offices, these organizations should consider what is best for their employees, managers, and leaders.

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