Gift-Giving 101: Here’s Why Mugs are the Best Office Gifts

The holiday season is right around the corner and that means it’s time again to make a list and figure out what to give to your loved ones. But, it also means that you have to think of what to give to your favorite clients, hardworking employees and to your upstanding boss.

But, since you’ve used up your imagination trying to figure out what to give your husband/wife, your kids, your parents, siblings and closest friends it’s already hard to come up with a gift idea for the people you work with. Fortunately, your worries can come to an end because all you have to do is buy a laser engraving machine and a dozen mugs and you’ll be able to spread some holiday cheer to your workmates and clients as well.

But, if you’re not convinced then read on and learn why giving out mugs this holiday season to your colleagues, bosses, and clients is still the best idea.

Mugs Come in Dizzying Variety

The reason why people hate giving gifts like socks and sweaters is that they’re so common and uninspiring that the recipient might get offended because he’ll think that the gift giver didn’t exert much effort to come up with an idea for a gift. Admittedly, mugs also fall in that category sometimes but only if you buy a nondescript mug.

Mugs come in different sizes and shapes so you’ll have lots of choices for the people you work with. For those you work with intermittently you can opt to give them regular-sized mugs. For those you work with regularly, you can give them mugs with different shapes for that unique twist. And for your managers or CEO, you can give them large mugs with personalized engravings.

You Can Customize Them

Another great thing about mugs is that you can customize its design for every person. If you have an employee who has been performing well, you can use your laser engraver to etch onto his mug that he’s the best employee. If you have a favorite client who likes to have her own personalized mug, then you can have her name engraved on the mug.

You could even turn this into a business and give out mugs with the logo of companies or their company name etched on it. A lot of companies often purchase stuff like mugs or keychains to give to their favored customers or top employees and you can be their supplier of customized mugs.

If you have a knack for drawing, you could even offer to draw portraits or landscapes on these mugs, which you can sell for a higher price. The possibilities are endless if you decide to give out mugs as a gift this Christmas or Hanukkah. You could even design your mugs with holiday season themes such as Santa or a menorah or even Kwanzaa candles.

Mugs as a holiday gift is a great idea because you can customize one to fit the person you’re giving one to. So, if you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift for your boss or loyal staff members, give them a mug with a customized design, and they will definitely appreciate it.

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