Want to Do Business? Consider These Franchises in 2022

There is no question about it: owning a business is way, way better than being employed. It is a lot of risks, yes, but it is also gratifying and fulfilling. The pandemic should be making us all rethink our career options. Should we stay with our current employers, or should we start our own business? And if we do start our own business, what kind of business fits us best? Do we have time for it right now, especially if we want to maintain our full-time jobs?

For beginners, a franchise business is the best stepping stone. It will teach you the ropes of running a business without the necessary burden of building it from the ground up. When you pay for a franchise, you are already taking on a name that’s made in the market it targets. Customers already know about the business. You’re just there to run it and make sure it doesn’t fail in its lofty goals.

The year 2022 is going to be a year of opportunities. Since a lot happened in 2020 and 2021, next year is going to be big for entrepreneurs. They’re going to work harder than ever before to try to make up for two years of non-growth. So, what should you do? You need to find a business that suits your lifestyle, needs, and wants.


You can choose between residential and commercial cleaning franchise businesses, although the latter seems to be more profitable as of late because of the coronavirus. Businesses are scheduling professional cleaning services because they need to make sure their offices and stores are safe from the virus. They need to sanitize every surface. A cleaning franchise business is an excellent opportunity because they will provide the equipment, materials, and staff training. You can run a business like this from your home since all you have to do is to take in calls and set the schedule.

Courier and Delivery

Another business that boomed during the pandemic is courier and delivery services. There is no stopping this kind of business because pandemic or not; people need courier services to send to and receive packages from all over the world. They even use delivery services now to pay their bills, do grocery shopping, buy their prescription medicines, and many more. Since the pandemic, many people have become reliant on these services, so it’s safe to say it’s a great franchise opportunity. The franchisor will provide the training, application, platform, and sometimes, even the motor vehicles.

Health Care

The demand for health care is on the rise, and it wasn’t just because of the pandemic. The ease and convenience that telehealth services make the business a very profitable one to run. If you want to own a business that directly impacts the consumers, consider franchising a telehealth service. The franchisor will provide everything you need—from the system to the platform to the personnel training.

Another business closely related to primary and urgent care are assisted-living facilities. The adult population all over the world is growing as younger generations prefer not to start their own families until they’re well into their mid-30s. This means that there is also a high demand for facilities that can take on the challenging task of caring for the elders. Although the capital required for this is higher than others, this is a high-risk, high-reward type of business.

Take-out Counters

The restaurant industry has always been profitable, but it wasn’t the same because of the pandemic. If you truly want to enter the food business, invest instead in take-out counters. It can be anything—chicken, Chinese food, ice cream, freshly squeezed juices, milk tea, coffee, and many more. People are so into the idea of lining up before a counter (or a food truck) then taking their food in the park (or the office) to eat. Even before the pandemic, there was already quite an interest in taking out food rather than sitting in a crowded restaurant and getting charged heftily with the service charge.

Pet Supplies

Pets will continue to become a big part of every family. They’re spending thousands of dollars on their beloved furry friends, so why not take advantage of that and look into pet supplies franchises? The franchisor will provide the supplies, so you have to market them online and sell them in a physical store. The franchisor might require you to have a physical store, so this option isn’t for those who want to operate online only.

There are a lot of great business opportunities in 2022, so make sure not to miss the signs that you have to be an entrepreneur. The future of economies is founded on small and medium enterprises. Don’t allow yourself to get left behind.

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