Five Ways to Develop Your Kid’s Love for Reading

These days, more and more children would rather play with their toys and gadgets than read a book. While toys and gadgets can keep them happy for many hours, these can’t beat the advantages they can enjoy from reading a book. With books, you can learn many things, improve your skills, and sharpen your brain. Reading books allows you to visit another world and experience tons of different emotions. It can inspire you to try something new. Books can even help relieve stress, boost your confidence, and even challenge your perspective.

These are some of the many advantages your child can get from reading books. But what can you do to help them develop a love for reading?

Start early by being a role model

What better way to develop a kid’s love for reading than by showing them that reading is fun? Start at the earliest time possible. Read to your child during nap time and after tucking them in bed. Choose age-appropriate reads with colourful drawings. Make sure to pick interesting stories and change your voice and expressions when reading to interest them more. Remember that it is never too soon to introduce books to young learners.

Take them with you to a bookstore

One good way to make your little one love reading is by giving them access to books they find interesting. Are they fond of aeroplanes, animals, or cartoons? Then make sure to buy them books that have something that interests them. Better yet, take them with you on your next trip to a bookstore in Singapore. Let them explore the store, pick their own books, and buy them some.

Find a book whose main character’s name is your child’s name

Are you having a hard time encouraging your little one to read books? Then pique their interest by trying some books whose one of the main characters has the same name as your kid’s. You can also choose good reads that have names of characters similar to the names of their friends or pet. This will make them want to read the book and find out what the story is all about.

mother teaching her kid to read

Create a reading nook back home

Giving your kid a special place where they can take their books to read will make them want to read more. So why not create a reading nook for your young reader? Find a spot in your home where they can have a little peace. Make it comfortable and cosy by adding a comfy chair. It can be a bean bag, a chaise lounge, or even a hammock. Add a space where they can keep their favourite books and invest in a good reading lamp.

Take your child to the local library

If your kid finds other kids enjoying a good book, chances are that they will also want to pick a book they can read. So why not take them to a library? You can even ask the librarian to give them their own library card so that they can read a book or two back home. This will also teach them how to be responsible and how to handle books properly.

These are some of the tricks you can try to help your child develop a love for books. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive books for kids out there. You can start by reading them bedtime stories and taking them to the library and bookstores. Create a reading nook and allow them to have a say in what they read. This way, you’re giving them enough time and space to start loving the habit of reading.

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