Dealing with Decluttering: A Guide for Homeowners

Many people have been following the footsteps of Marie Kondo in decluttering their homes. Getting rid of household items that no longer “spark joy” is essential in keeping harmony in your home. The pandemic and the quarantine period has provided many homeowners with ample time to clean up their spaces to feel refreshed despite the situation. 

Since many people have been clearing up their homes of clutter, business-minded individuals can start a project that will benefit these homeowners. Providing homeowners with more space for their sentimental items that are difficult to let go of can be a viable business during this time. Apart from home renovation ideas that can maximize one’s home space, a garage storage solutions franchise can be the answer to most people’s clutter concerns. 

Cleaning up at home can benefit you more than you think. The pandemic has affected our mental health in more ways than one. Learning how to let go of unnecessary items at home to make more room is, in fact, beneficial to one’s mental health. Learn how to let go of things you no longer need so that you’d feel better and lighter despite the circumstances.

Why You Should Clean Up at Home

Clearing your home of clutter and other excess items can make you feel better about your home environment. Having a spacious home free of mess can help you better appreciate the good things in life. Staying organized can also help you save money since you could avoid buying a replacement for a misplaced item. Likewise, organizing your home or even just your room can make you feel free but cozy. 

Many homeowners have to deal with the gruesome task of clearing out their spaces. While many people have been preoccupied with organizing their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is just as important to know the root cause of your mounds of clutter to begin with. Learn why you have clutter at home so that you can easily manage and control your habits in terms of storage, organization, and purchasing. 

Starting to eliminate clutter at home can be an emotional experience, especially if you have any sentimental items stored away that you still want to keep. While you don’t have to get rid of your trophy from that grade school sports competition, you also must be mindful of what you truly need to retain in your life.

Cleaning and organization hacks can help you decide which items to dispose of, which items to keep, and how to store these kept items. You could also explore some expert-approved organization advice to help you find home decluttering solutions that work for your personality, lifestyle, and preferences.

Having a lot of clutter in the house can interfere with your daily activities, such as your chores, finances, sleep cycle, and hygiene. Clearing away unnecessary items allows you to get rid of these sources of stress that might be negatively contributing to your mental health. 

Clutter and Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has harmed the mental health of many citizens around the world. The uncertainty of the situation has prompted feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression. There are ways to help ease these symptoms apart from consulting a medical professional. Your current stress levels might be caused by factors other than the pandemic, such as your excessive piles of clutter at home.

Keeping your home untidy can become a source of stress. Learning how to organize your space appropriately according to your lifestyle and taste will allow you to have better focus, gain higher self-esteem, and improve your lifestyle and overall well-being. Cleaning up your space can also help you gain a new sense of control of your home environment. If you have trouble keeping up with the amount of clutter you make every day, it is time for you to reset your lifestyle and schedule to accommodate a regular cleaning session into your life. 

Always prioritize your mental health and well-being, especially during this time. Take care of the factors you can control to give you a sense of achievement that can effectively elevate your mood. 


You can learn a lot of techniques for organizing your space. Turn your cleanup session into a game to make it less dull. Include the whole family in clearing away unnecessary items to distribute the work. 

While clearing away the clutter at home is a good way to maintain good hygiene and mental health, keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice your most prized possessions to make way for a cleaner home. Once you have disposed of things you no longer need, you have to find a way to store your sentimental items properly to prevent them from cluttering your home and to keep them in good condition.

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