The Biggest Changes in Garage Doors Over the Years

The garage doors that people know, say, 20 to 30 years ago are way different from the ones installed in hundreds of homes around the globe. They seem to be more personalized, practical, sustainable, environment-friendly, and user-friendly.

These are some of the biggest changes in garage doors:

1. Automation

Old models of garage doors are manually operated; the new ones are automated. One does not have to be physically present beside or inside the garage to operate it.

They can close themselves once they sense someone has parked in the garage. They open up when you activate them with a remote control from inside your car. They even slide out of the way for you to park and come back in place by themselves.

But these changes also mean that the garage doors today are likely to have a lot of moving parts:

What are the different parts of a garage door?

  • Tracks – These guide the door when sliding up and down. The tracks are at the top and bottom of the garage doorframe.
  • Motors –  Automated garage doors use garage door motors to bring the door up and down. They are either attached to the tracks or connected in between the tracks, and the garage door opener is installed where you can control and activate them through remote control.
  • Rollers – Rollers in automated garage doors allow the movement of various sections when they open and close.
  • Springs – These are parts that can be coiled into a tight spiral for some movement or expansion and then rebound to original size, strength, and position. They are used to counterbalance heavy doors while opening and closing them.
  • Hinges – These are used to attach the moving panel of a door to the stationary side. They allow it to swing open and close.

2. Materials

Before, garage doors were made of steel and wood (later aluminum). Now they are mostly fabricated from aluminum alloy, glass, or fiberglass.

Aluminum is more durable than steel and has better insulation values than wood, which means that it saves energy used for heating and cooling your home. It is also less vulnerable to corrosion than steel, so the door will not rust or degrade over time.

Fiberglass is smooth but can be textured or painted with acrylic paint, which means that you can design it to match the home’s exterior. Some garage doors are even made of glass, which gives your home a clean and elegant look.

3. Design and Style

car and garage

Today, garage doors come in different designs and styles to suit your budget, needs, and preferences:

  • Plain (Single Panel) –  The most common garage door for homes. It is given a sleek and stylish look by adding glass to it.
  • Carriage House – This garage door has a distinct look, perfect for a home with an Old World charm. It features glass panels on both sides and looks beautiful from the exterior and inside your house.
  • Sectional –  Typically, these come in two or three separate panels that slide up and down to open and close. They are perfect for allowing entry to a wider vehicle.
  • Roll-up – A popular garage-door style in commercial buildings, roll-ups come in sections that roll up from the bottom and lift upwards when you open them. You can buy one with a manual or automatic operation for your home.
  • French Door – A combination of a single-panel door and double doors, this garage door style has the popular paned glass design.
  • Folding – This garage door consists of sections that open by folding vertically or diagonally. They look similar to accordion doors but are sturdier because they are made of panels rather than slats.

4. More Advanced Quiet Operations

Garage doors used to be noisy, but that has changed in the last decade. The technology developed for garage door operators is much more advanced than before. Now, they are weather-resistant and insulated, so they do not require maintenance every once in a while.

They also contain noise-reducing components like rubber seals around panels and noise barriers. Modern doors also come equipped with sensors that shut the door down immediately if it hits anything while opening and closing.

Some garage door assemblies will include a battery for backup. You can choose one that will support your door’s weight because, without power, your door may open slowly or not at all.

When it comes to safety, you can consider an operator with an anti-crush feature. It prevents the closing of the garage door if there is something in its way or if it is off balance.

Modern garage doors add to the look and feel of your home and make it more convenient for you to own them. Whether you choose a basic model for an upcoming project or want a designer garage door that matches your home’s modern style, there are various types and styles available in the market.

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