Big Yard Maintenance Made Easy: Strategies That Actually Work

For most people, beautiful yards will always be an appealing asset. Research shows that a lawn is a crucial feature for both renters and homebuyers. Yards can add to a property’s curb appeal. A beautiful yard can make a big difference when it comes to making a great impression. Aside from this, one can also tackle different outdoor home improvement projects in their yard to increase living space.

Caring for a yard is nowhere easy. What more if you end up with a big and high-maintenance yard? What used to be a great asset upon home purchase can quickly turn into an overwhelming chore. The good news is that there are things a homeowner like you can do to make your big yard maintenance easier.

Add in various outdoor living spaces

What better way to increase your living space and turn your yard into a low-maintenance one than by installing many outdoor living areas? Let your imagination run wild and think of the different ways you can make the most out of your big yard. You can consider installing a deck, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or even outdoor dining spaces.

Aside from your budget, try to think of the activities you and your family would be more than willing to take outside. The more living space you create in your yard, the less space left for your yard maintenance tasks. This can mean lesser mowing, raking, mulching, and pruning for you.

Plan your lawn maintenance

One good way to turn around a high-maintenance yard is through proper planning. Get yourself a checklist and schedule yard work as you would your housekeeping. Create a plan and strategy that will allow you to dissect your yard work daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This way, you don’t have to stress out on what yard work to do.

It also pays that you invest in the right tools and equipment. This way, you can easily tackle any yard work you need to work on your preferred schedule. Aside from a good mower, having a reliable yard blower and vacuum will make cleaning up a breeze. Have a place for all your tools and equipment to keep the yard clutter-free.

Rethink your yard plants


house exterior

Some plants are more low-maintenance than the others. It would be best to choose plants that are native to your area. This applies to both your grass and garden plants.

But if you want to save time, money, and even energy, then you can simply opt for an artificial grass lawn. This is perfect for busy homeowners who can’t be bothered to do yard maintenance. You can even use this as a play area for the kids, a great outdoor space for your pets, or just a simple but no-hassle lawn you can enjoy.

Keeping up with yard maintenance can take up a homeowner’s time and energy. It can even add to your expenses. But the results will always be a desirable one. This is why many are still investing in houses with yards and why yard maintenance is among the top of their lists.

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