How Workplace Bathrooms Affect Workplace Performance and Relations

Believe it or not, the most private room at your workplace—the restroom—plays a vital role in determining the level of employee morale and how employees feel valued at work.

Companies with modern facilities invest in stylish bathroom fixtures and work with professional plumbing services to provide employees and clients with a comfortable restroom experience. They want to provide a safe and convenient place where people feel relaxed and experience a sense of privacy.

But a clean and well-designed restroom isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. It goes beyond workplace performance and relations. In this article, we’ll talk about the impact of restrooms on employee morale.

The state of workplace restroom facilities

Access to clean restroom facilities is a common human necessity, making it a requirement in any building or commercial establishment, especially the workplace. In office environments, adequate restrooms are already a given, but not all facilities are made equal. The truth is that most office restrooms don’t follow the basic standards of safety and quality. If left unchecked, this can negatively affect employee happiness and morale.

Having adequate restrooms is vital for offices and businesses with a large number of employees and clients. This reduces the need to wait in long lines to access the toilet. They should also have separate facilities for different genders equipped with door locks and ventilation systems. It should also be cleaned and properly maintained with a regular supply of soap, toilet paper, drying facilities, and cold and hot running water. For women’s restrooms, they should have a bin for disposing of tissues and napkins. Also, workplace toilets should have necessary provisions for people with disabilities, such as handlebars.

In manufacturing plants, employers should provide showers, washing facilities, and changing rooms. They should also have access to drying towels, soap, and running water. This way, employees engaged in “dirty work” or sanitized environments have a designated place where they can clean themselves and change into work attire. They should also include provisions for storage, washing, seating, and hanging clothes.

The importance of a clean workplace restroom

A clean workplace, including its restrooms, promotes a healthy office environment. It prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, which can potentially spread throughout the workplace and negatively affect employee attendance and performance. If maintained the right way, workplace restrooms can drive the productivity goals of the company.

A poorly maintained restroom can drive toilet users to look for other places that offer clean and convenient facilities. A dirty restroom forces employees to go outside the office to look for suitable toilets, taking away time for work and break time. This can even cause workplace injuries to which the employer is liable.

Poor workplace restrooms also harm employee morale, as they reflect the type of management. This reveals the employer doesn’t care about basic employee needs, such as sanitation and hygiene. After all, high-performing employees should have access to all the essential avenues and tools to improve their performance. That is, they need access to clean workplace restrooms. Inability to implement this can lead to resentment, disgruntlement, and even gossips. The news will eventually reach your customers and competitors, harming your brand and corporate image in the process.

Conversely, a workplace restroom that is clean, thoughtfully designed, and well-maintained can dramatically increase employee morale by making the office a conducive environment for working. It brings a sense of pride among employees, which improves the level of productivity and happiness in the workplace.

For companies that entertain clients or customers in the office, an adequate restroom reflects the business’ image and branding. This helps build a favorable impression on visitors, partners, job applicants, and existing and potential clients. While the toilet isn’t a primary destination when visiting the office, it leaves a lasting impact, depending on the quality of the facilities.

Enhancing workplace morale through restrooms


Recognizing the role of clean restrooms in office environments benefits employee morale. For example, employers or office managers should opt for light colors to bring a clean, calming impression to toilet users. But regular maintenance is required since dirt is easily seen in light-colored surfaces.

You can also play soothing background music to cover undesired sounds and make the ambiance a little lively. For better convenience, consider including an air freshener, phone rests, bag hooks, magazines, hand lotions, and vanity space. This creates a multisensory experience that transforms an ordinary toilet into a functional and private sanctuary where guests and employees can recharge, relax, and rethink.

Although employees don’t spend the majority of their workdays in the restroom, it still plays a critical part in office relations and performance. Despite being small and often ignored, it shouldn’t be overlooked in office design.

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