10 Tools You Can’t Ever Do Without

If you ask any experienced handyman or mechanic what tool they can’t do without, you might be in for a surprise. Not one of them will give out answers like a jigsaw, a power drill, or a pipe cutter only — as useful and as efficient they are. They would mention a lot.

Most of them would come up with simple answers that are nothing complicated, nothing sophisticated. They just need simple tools that can be used on almost any project and task.

10 Essential Tools That Every Tool Box Should Have

1. Screwdriver Set

One of the first tools we all learn to use is a screwdriver. A set of Phillips screwdrivers in your toolbox can get you out of most household jams. From tightening loose door hinges to removing battery covers on your child’s R/C car, screwdrivers are a must-have for any handyman’s toolbox.

2. Wrench Set

Having a set of wrenches easily accessible to you can help you maintain appliances and keep them in great working condition. You may buy a full set of different-sized wrenches or you can buy just two or three pieces. For greater flexibility, we recommend getting combination wrenches that have an open-end on one side and a boxed-end on the other.

3. Pliers

Pliers are handy to have as they can help you get a lot of handyman and repair work done around the house. Two variants are widely used by people, the slip joint kind and the long nose pliers. While slip-joint pliers are more common for its wide range of uses, long nose pliers can help you get into tighter spaces that slip-joints can’t.

4. LED Lamp

An LED lamp, whether handheld or head-worn, is a big help in doing jobs at night. Hands-free lamps are especially helpful in repairing appliances.

5. Measuring Tape

For jobs that require precision and accuracy, you will need measuring tape to do the trick. Ideally, you should get a solid 16-foot retractable steel tape. If you don’t have a steel measuring tape, a steel ruler will suffice.

6. Level

Levels are a lot more useful than you would think. It doesn’t just help you hang a straight picture or painting on your wall. It helps you install shelves on your wall and keep them leveled in the right position. It can also be used to check if some of your appliances, like a dryer, are positioned at the angle to prevent it from getting any critical damage.

7. Hammer

What’s a toolbox without a kick-butt hammer, right? Aside from the screwdriver, a hammer is one of the first tools you learned to wield.

8. Handheld Saw

This is crucial especially when you plan to do some heavy woodwork and you don’t have any reciprocating saws lying around in your workshop.

9. Leatherman Multi-Tool

An absolute must for every handyperson to have. Having an easily-accessible multi-tool pocket knife will get you out of a lot of jams, given the wide range of tools it has. There’s a tool for all types of simple jobs.

10. Carpenter’s Pencil

Carpenter working

Last but not the least, the handy pencil to write with. You can use this for marking and taking down notes and measurements.

These are the most basic and most essential tools that every toolbox should have. Filling your toolbox with the tools listed above will bring you one step closer to having a well-stocked stash.

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