Why You Should Use Water Instead of Toilet Paper

Using water as a substitute for toilet paper is a wise decision because toilet paper is frequently non-sustainable and unfriendly to the environment. Water will aid in proper cleaning and hygiene. However, toilet paper can create a sloppy mess and be unsanitary. Likewise, rubbing or scrubbing with toilet paper can cause friction and be detrimental to the skin, whereas water causes less friction and a sense of gentleness.

In the current circumstances, many individuals all around the world have stocked up on toilet paper in response to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is understandable that markets would eventually run out of its supply, which is when water will come in assistance because the majority of the population has easy access to water in your everyday life.

Moreover, using water instead of toilet paper is considered a more ecological and cost-effective option, as well as one of the most hygienic alternatives to toilet paper. Here are a few pointers to help you use water instead of toilet paper.

  1. Use of health faucets

Toilet showers are a great substitute for toilet paper and a useful asset in the restroom. They are usually installed on the side of the toilet seat for easy access. They are simple to operate, and when you press the release button, high pressure of water releases, making it easy to clean hygienically. When compared to toilet paper, water can remove more germs and bacteria. Toilet paper has been shown to increase skin irritation and rashes.

However, faucets are inclined and have extra benefits such as temperature control, odor control, and heated seats to provide you with a nice and relaxing experience. It saves up a lot of space and comes at different prices and various shapes and sizes, so you can easily get your desired health faucet according to the comfort of your wallet.

  1. Bottle and bidets

bathroom with  bidet

The bottle method is another alternative for toilet tissue. It is basic and straightforward. You may easily cut a hole in the water bottle and spray the water out. It is ideal for emergencies and allows you to effortlessly carry water bottles from place to place.  Similarly, a bidet can be used as an alternative to toilet paper. When you press the button, it stretches a wand and squirts water out. There are various sorts of containers, such as practical portable bidets, each with its own mechanism and set of benefits. They can be put in the bathroom or used by hands, according to your needs.

  1. Traditional water vessels

A few items have traditionally been used in most parts of the world in place of toilet paper. Because toilet paper can be harmful to the drainage system, causing recurrent damage and increasing the expense of repair and maintenance, it is not cost-effective. In place of toilet tissues, a tabo and lotas are utilized. Lotas come in various forms, each with a handle and the ability to retain water, making them useful for cleaning. A tabo, on the other hand, is a cup-shaped container that can hold water and are simple to use.

  1. Flushable wipes

Flushable wipes are an excellent invention that can be used in place of toilet tissues. They are constructed of biodegradable fibers and provide a pleasant and comfortable feel when used. They come in little sealed containers and are simple to obtain. Not only that, but they are portable, easy to use, and extremely hygienic. After using the flushable wipes, flush them, and they will instantly break and disappear in the water, posing no hazard to your sewage line or drainage system.

In essence, water is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly replacement for toilet paper. With the increasing scarcity of toilet paper, water can be the most beneficial resource in the restroom. It is far more effective and has become a cleaning ritual. You may use a variety of items to reduce your usage of toilet tissue and help the environment. Tissues can lead to clogged drains and sewage troubles, which can cause you a great deal of trouble regularly. Water is readily available, and you will not be in need to search for a tissue roll.

Installing bidets and water faucets can be advantageous because they last a long time and are easily accessible. Also, bear in mind that water is an important element, and as we all know, utilizing water is more hygienic and softer on the skin and can save you from irritation, burns, and rashes. So make the necessary steps to ensure you use what’s better.

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