What Features Should the Perfect Bathroom Have?

What is the highest point of luxury?

For some, it could be a grand dinner full of sumptuous dishes. There are the best wines, cheeses, and sweets from all parts of the world, surrounded by luxurious pillows of velvet and satin. But for many others, a relaxing bath with scented oils, powders, perfumes, warm towels, and hot water could be the very definition of luxury. Here are bathroom furnishings you need to build the ideal bathroom that suits everyone:

Free-standing Bath

A free-standing bathtub gives off an old-world charm and elegance, especially if the tub is made of cast iron. There are also free-standing bathtubs for the elderly and mobility-impaired. Look for tubs that have slip-resistant bottoms and easily adjustable faucets and showers.

There are also free-standing walk-in tubs that can make stepping in and out easy for anyone. Walk-in tubs make it easy for all users to enjoy a relaxing soak without the fear of falling down from stepping out. These tubs have a door that can lock in water during your bath.

Bathroom with a Bay Window

Nothing makes a bath more luxurious than the feeling of bathing in natural light amidst the greenery. You can experience the same atmosphere when you build a bay window in your bath to let natural light in your bathroom. You can use window film with a reflective surface to maintain the privacy you need during your ablutions. This window film allows light to enter a room, but not the curiosity of your neighbors and passersby. But you can also use window shades and trees to provide you with the cover you need for your bath.

Granite Countertop

A granite countertop in your bathroom makes it easier to clean and gives it an eternally elegant appearance. Granite is also long-lasting, so even if you spend a lot now, the countertop could last for years in your home. They come in a variety of colors and types, so you could even choose one that suits the decor of your bathroom.

clean bathroom with tub

Zero-threshold Shower

A zero-threshold shower does not have a curb; it has a sloped floor that leads to the drain. Make sure that the shower is large, at least five feet wide and three feet deep. This allows anyone to get in the shower, even if they are using a portable bath chair. Some homeowners prefer a built-in shower seat to make showering easier.

Easy-to-use Toilet

A bidet can make it easy for anyone to use the toilet. Installing grab bars can provide support to seniors and those having problems with their mobility.

Open Storage System

You can store towels and bath supplies in an open storage system for easy access. This gives your bathroom a modern appeal. But if you want to store towels and washcloths, choose drawers because they are easier to open than a cupboard.

When the time comes to build your dream house, don’t forget to build a bathroom that will give you the relaxation and sense of luxury you’ve always wanted to experience. Consider these bathroom features and create a bathroom where you can luxuriate in complete tranquility, regardless of who you are.

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