Styling Tips For Small Bathrooms That Are Easy On The Eyes And On The Wallet

Remodeling projects at home can sometimes be too taxing because of the inconveniences they cause and the amount of money you need to shell out for it.

But these projects need not be stressful. If you know what you want and how to work around it, you might actually enjoy the process.

One of the fun remodeling and least stressful projects are bathroom renovations. And no, they’re not really as expensive as you think they are.

15 Inexpensive Yet Stunning Styling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

1. Use big mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space

It’s no secret that the right use of mirrors can help make any space seem a lot bigger than it really is. Installing larger-than-usual bathroom vanities can help give you that illusion and reflect light to make the area brighter to enhance the effect.

2. Have a customized shower bench installed

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see benches inside showers. These help make bathing easier and safer as it lowers the risk of slips and falls when one loses his or her balance. Not only are they helpful, but they also exude class and elegance since a lot of high-end hotels and homes have them.

3. Good lighting is always a good thing

Just like any other room, the way you light it up can have positive or negative effects on the space. While a well-lit place is never a bad thing, sometimes it takes away from the aesthetic qualities of a room. Proper lighting, however, can dramatically change the way a room looks, even a bathroom.

4. Use curtains strategically

Be creative with the way you use your curtains. Instead of using the typical bathroom curtains, you can go with something that looks and behaves more like a drape. You can hang two of them on opposite ends and choose whatever color fits your bathroom’s style.

5. Make things disappear

Storage space is one of the toughest concerns in a cramped bathroom. If the space is too small to put freestanding cabinets, why don’t you install a hanging cabinet and place your sink on top of it? This adds character to your bathroom and solves your storage problems.

6. Pick the right tiles

When remodeling a small space, every element counts in making it appear bigger and more spacious. Larger tiles are ideal to pull this off as the grout lines are fewer and farther apart as opposed to using smaller tiles. Plus, they look cleaner which minimizes a cluttered and cramped look.

7. Go with a gallery wall

Who says you can’t put in fun stuff inside a bathroom? Contrary to what most people believe, bathrooms can be both functional and fun. Hang some fun stuff on the walls and create a gallery to make it more interesting and attractive to visitors and guests.

bathroom interior

8. Go up and down

Whether it’s storage or styling, vertical is the way to go in tight spaces. Use your wall space for shelves and cabinets. Consider using a stylized ladder as a towel rack.

9. Floating shelves are the way to go

In a tight space where shelving units and freestanding cabinets are obstructive, the only way you can get storage and display space is if you install floating shelves on your walls. This is a pretty easy DIY project that shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours, depending on how many shelves you plan to install.

10. Darken the place up a bit

If you’re working with a small space that lets in very limited light, you can work around this dilemma by embracing it fully. Install darker tiles and cabinets and add some mood lighting to give it a more snug and intimate feel.

11. Or keep things bright

If going dark isn’t your thing, then brighten things up by going all white. It may seem boring and even institutionalized to some people but you have to admit, it’s very effective in making a small space seem bigger than it really is. Add some warmth to it by adding some natural and organic fabrics and materials to it.

12. Install glass shower doors

Shower enclosures provide privacy and prevent water from spilling over beyond the shower area. However, enclosures make a tight space appear even smaller. An easy workaround to this is to install a clear glass shower enclosure that won’t break any of the visual elements.

13. Wallpaper FTW

Whether you’re working with any space with no natural light source, such as a powder room beneath the stairs, or a small bathroom with limited lighting, wallpapers can add character and personality to your bathroom. The choices are practically limitless with all of the great prints available in the market.

14. Use baskets, bins, and trays to keep things organized

Organizing is made easier with the help of a few small baskets, bins, and trays, especially if you only have open shelves and no cabinets. They’re enough to compensate for the lack of built-in storage space plus they’re more fun and cleaner to look at.

15. Let the sun in

There’s nothing like natural light to give tight spaces feel a lot bigger. You can either enlarge your window or add another one to let more sunlight in. Another option is to have a skylight installed in your bathroom. You don’t only enjoy the sunlight during the day but you can also admire the beauty of starry skies at night.

Do you know any other money-saving yet stylish bathroom remodeling ideas? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.


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