Self Protection: Safety and Security Measures for Solo Residents

Finally living on your own can give you a certain sense of freedom. However, with that freedom is the responsibility of taking extra care of your home and person. After all, neighborhoods nowadays aren’t quite as safe as they were back then.

More and more people are losing respect for each other to the point that they’ll just take advantage of any openings that get exposed. Keep you and your home safe and secure by following these pointers.

Install Security Features

Since you’re living solo, you’ll need all the help that you can get, and the easiest way to do so is to get security installations. They can be as simple as you searching for “security door installers near me” and getting yourself security doors for your main entrances and exits.

It can also be as complex as an automated alarm system. What you choose all depends on your needs and your budget. Do your research as well as ask around regarding the best ones for your home.

Test Security

Of course, after you get your security installations set up, you should make sure to test them out. It will be useless to keep them if they don’t actually work. Try going through them as if you were one of the people who would want to break into your house.

If you need to, you can also ask a friend or family member to help you do it. When it comes to your security systems, it’s best to be sure about them.

Avoid Predictability

Many of us have patterns that we stick to when it comes to security. There may be certain combinations of numbers and letters that are close to you, such as the name of a pet or your birthday. You may have a favorite spot where you like to leave your keys in.

Often, burglars observe their potential targets and look for these patterns, so if they get a handle on yours, expect to be stolen from soon. To prevent this from happening, change your passwords and key locations on a regular basis.

Don’t Make It Obvious

installing cctv

Since thieves and burglars’ aim is to get in and out quickly, it would be helpful for them if their target is easy to find and get to. Get any valuables that you have, such as gadgets, jewelry, and antiques, away from view from the outside. If you can, close your curtains so they can’t see anything from afar.

Also, don’t make it obvious that you’re alone since they’re also more likely to break in if they know. Leave lights on at night, and if you can, play some music as well.

Since you’re living on your own, everything in your house is something that you’ve worked for. It would only make sense to make sure that all of it is safe. Do everything that you can by investing in security installations and taking precautionary measures.

Don’t give burglars any opportunities to break into your house and steal your belongings.

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