6 Tips To Make Your Rental Property Shine for Showings

Like most property investors, landlords, or real estate entrepreneurs, you want your rental properties to shine before showings. After all, prospects are more likely to be interested in a place that looks well-maintained and inviting than one that looks run-down and uninviting. But how can you make sure your rental property stands out from the competition? Here are six tips to help make your rental property look its best.

Clean Up Inside and Out

Thoroughly cleaning the property’s interior and exterior is a must before any show. This helps create a favorable first impression and gives potential renters the feeling that you care about your property’s upkeep.

Start by making the outside of the property inviting. Mow the lawn, trim unruly bushes, and remove garbage or weeds around the yard. Inside, dust all surfaces and vacuum carpets as needed. Additionally, do not forget to clean the windows and any lighting fixtures.

Doing this can be time-consuming, so it might be worth using a professional cleaning service to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Make Minor Repairs and Updates

Minor repairs and updates can turn a ho-hum rental into an attractive one. Doing so will also show renters that you are diligent about maintaining your property.

Check for any obvious signs of damage, such as cracked tiles in the bathroom or electrical issues. Make minor repairs and updates to ensure the space looks excellent before showings. This might include replacing broken fixtures, fixing loose door handles, or touching up walls with fresh paint.

These simple updates don’t have to break the bank but can immediately impact prospective renters. Consider utilizing a handyman service to quickly make repairs and updates.

Remodel the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a surefire way to increase the appeal of your rental property, revamping the kitchen is a great option. Therefore, partnering with an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor can help you create the perfect space—one that’s both attractive and functional.

Investing in new countertops and cabinets, upgrading fixtures, and adding energy-efficient appliances can make all the difference. For example, renovating the kitchen can help increase a rental property’s value while making it more attractive to potential clients.

Moreover, consider adding a few decorations to make the space look vibrant, like a bowl of fruit or potted plants. You can also repaint the walls in neutral colors to create a more inviting atmosphere.

a man holding a paint roller with white paint while looking at a newly-painted kitchen

Furnish the Space

Adding furniture can transform the look of an empty room. This makes it much more inviting to potential clients.

Pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, and end tables are all great options for making a room feel more complete. Not to mention, adding artwork or decorative items like plants can also add character and warmth. Additionally, cheap or secondhand items can work well here. Remember that they need to be clean and in good condition first.

Perhaps the most important thing is to ensure the furniture fits with the overall style of the rental property. That way, it will fit in with the existing decor and give potential renters a sense of comfort.

Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions count when it comes to selling or renting a home. So it pays off to improve curb appeal before showings begin.

Consider adding potted plants near walkways and pressure washing siding. You can also paint the trim and replace the gutters. This also includes installing outdoor lighting and sprucing up decks with fresh stains. Doing these will add charm and character to outdoor living spaces, such as porches or decks.

Moreover, consider adding matching accessories, such as awnings and patio furniture. These will help brighten the property’s exterior so prospects can envision themselves living in the space.

Improve Lighting

Good lighting is essential to any home, primarily rental properties. Lighting can make a room appear bigger and brighter, creating an inviting atmosphere for potential renters.

Start by replacing all outdated fixtures with more energy-efficient ones. You might also want to switch out incandescent bulbs for LED lights as they last longer and use less energy. In this way, you can save on energy costs as well.

For a more sustainable option, consider natural lighting. This can be done by replacing heavy curtains with lighter ones and adding skylights to the roof. It is also best to strategically place lighting fixtures to make the most of natural light.

Making even minor improvements to your rental property can go a long way toward attracting quality tenants. They appreciate attention being paid to details inside and outside their future homes. Always remember that taking the time to improve your rental’s appearance before showings begin can pay dividends later when it comes time for signing leases.

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