Personal Development: A Necessary Investment

In 2021, 47.4 million Americans quit their jobs, according to CNN Business. In a tweet on January 11, 2022, National Economic Council Deputy Director Bharat Ramamurti stated that people are resigning from their jobs to move to higher-paying jobs. He called it the Great Upgrade.

In an article on the World Economic Forum, HCL Technologies Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director C. Vijayakumar called the millions of resignations the Great Relearning Revolution.

Mental Development

Many of those who resigned did so because they were not given access to the upskilling they wanted in their former jobs. These people are eager to learn more to move forward in their careers. It may be in the same field or in a totally new field. A study by Amazon and Gallup shows that 48 percent of American workers will agree to move to a new job that provides opportunities for skills training. For 65 percent, this is very important in assessing a possible job.

The market for e-learning is predicted to reach a value of a trillion dollars in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent. The most sought-after courses are data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Enrollment at Coursera grew from 1.6 million in Mid-March to Mid-April 2019 to 10.3 million in the same period in 2020. That represents a 640 percent growth in a year. Enrollment in Udemy grew by more than 400 percent from February to March 2020 alone.

Psychological Development

The pandemic is highly stressful for everyone, though, and is taking a huge toll on people’s mental health. If neglected, this will be a huge stumbling block for success.

Do not put off consulting a professional counselor or therapist if you feel that stress is causing depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Talking about your thoughts and emotions will give you release. Your counselor can guide you in how to manage your situation.

Nurture your spirit by setting aside time to do the things you love to do. This can be a hobby or just a time for self-pampering. Soak in a hot bath while listening to music you love. Go for a walk amid nature if there is such a location nearby. Trees, a lake, or the sea will soothe frazzled nerves.

Physical Development

a woman supporting a man to exercise

Of course, physical health and well-being must be constantly upheld to support mental and psychological development. You must be physically fit to be able to give your best output.

The body needs regular physical activity. A 2021 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that people who spend less than seven hours seated each day can lower their risk of early death by 80 percent if they exercise for half an hour daily. That exercise, however, will not offset the negative effects of sitting for 11 to 12 hours daily. People need to cut down the hours of sitting to less than seven hours and combine that with exercise.

The amount of time sitting at work can be lowered by using a desk that can be automatically adjusted to become a standing desk. If you alternate between sitting and standing every hour, you immediately cut in half the number of hours spent sitting.

The 30 minutes of daily exercise can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, six minutes of light activity such as doing household chores or gardening is equivalent to a minute of moderate to vigorous exercise. Three hours of combined housework and yard work is equivalent to half an hour of exercise.

Proper nutrition is also non-negotiable. Experts recommend that half of your plate at every meal must consist of vegetables and whole fruits, a fourth of lean protein, and a fourth of grains, preferably whole grains. Stay away from unhealthy saturated fat and minimize your intake of sugar and salt.

If you have dental problems, including misaligned teeth, these may be interfering with your ability to chew and enjoy nutritious food. Before these worsen, orthodontics can help. Healthy and aligned teeth enable you to fully enjoy every meal. They also enhance your smile and boost your confidence in everything you do.

Like any other organ of the body, your skin must be kept healthy. If you have any skin problems, consult a dermatologist to address these. You may also need to see an allergologist. You owe it to yourself to be comfortable in your skin. Again, this will increase your confidence.

Holistic Development

Diligent efforts each day toward the many aspects of self-improvement will bring about a balanced physical, psychological, and mental upliftment. This is the best way to prepare yourself to face the many challenges in pursuit of your career or business goals.

This also does not stop once you have reached your goal. That is only a milestone. There will be more goals to aim for. Self-development is a lifestyle.

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