Organizing and Maximizing the Space in Your Trailer Truck

If you live in a trailer truck, and you’re not cognizant about how you organize things, you’ll live amid clutter in no time. Remember that an RV, no matter how “spacious” it is, has no garage or basement where you can throw away your junk. It doesn’t have that much space where you can hoard old furniture. You need to be wise with the things you choose to keep if you are to continue living on the road.

It also means that you have to keep the RV clean. Installing a semi-truck fender like the one you see in cargo trucks can be useful for your RV. It will keep the mud and dirt away from the body of the RV. It does not only protect your RV’s paint, but it also makes it easier for you to clean and polish the vehicle.

We think that organization skills are a gift. Some people are born with the innate skill of keeping things organized inside the house. We’ll all learn a thing or two from watching Marie Kondo organize big and small spaces. People who live on the road in trailer trucks will benefit from her simple organizational tips. However, not all of us have the time to ask ourselves, “Does this give me joy?” We prefer to have a basic rule when organizing stuff: Throw it away if you don’t need it.

Make a List

List down the stuff you own. Make sure to put everything you own on the list. Don’t play favoritism. This list will be your guide as to what to throw away and what to keep. After you’ve listed down all the things, categorize them into stuff you’ve been using every day and stuff you haven’t touched in months. You know what to do with the things you haven’t used in months. Unless they have a sentimental value, give them away or sell them.

Invest in Multipurpose Opportunities

Do you use your microwave oven to store plates and other utensils? You should! Just make sure not to turn it on when your stuff is there. The microwave oven has plenty of space you can use to store food and non-food items. Additionally, you can use the rice cooker to make rice, chowder, congee, salmon, and burgers. You should have this multipurpose kitchen equipment because you can also store cooking utensils inside to free up space.

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Use the Entire Cabinet

The cabinets in RV campers are usually tall and deep. That makes it hard for some people to use up the entire space. You should purchase different-sized storage bins and baskets so that you can maximize all that space. Make sure to use even the top space to store rarely used but important items.

Add Shelves, Hooks, and Velcro

You can double the space you have in your cabinets, drawers, and closets by using shelves, hooks, and Velcro. Want more space in the bathroom? You can use hooks to hang your loofah sponge, shampoo, conditioner, and other things. These are easy to install, too. You don’t need carpentry skills to install hooks and extra shelves. There are plenty of ready-made shelves in hardware and home improvement stores.

You need to keep your RV truck organized. Since you have very little space to navigate about, having a cluttered RV will only make the space feel more cramped. Follow this simple guide of decluttering and organizing your space for better living conditions.

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