No Closet? No Problem! A Clothing Storage and Organization Guide for Men

When dressing sharply is one of your golden rules in life, theabsence of a closet isn’t likely to stop you from buying more clothes. You can simply toss some garments in an extra bedroom if you live alone, or just store them in boxes stacked inside your bedroom. All the mess is worth it if you head out looking smart and stylish every day, isn’t it?

However, lacking storage and organization can make you lose things easily, and you’re definitely not wishing to misplace a designer item, like a watch. Some fabrics also don’t do well when folded, while others may get snagged due to a button or any other tiny object that got stuck in them.

Is the mess still worth it if your precious clothes barely survive it? Follow these hacks instead and give your wardrobe the treatment it deserves.

Where to Store Your Clothes

1. Clothes Rack

For jackets, coats, pants, and any other clothing that require to be hung, a clothes rack will be convenient. Be sure to invest in a sturdy one, as designer clothes and elegant shooting clothing for men tend to be a bit heavy.

2. Baskets

Big baskets will do for undergarments, sleepwear, and house clothes. If your cabinets don’t have room for them, you can tuck them under your bed. Baskets can also store shoes, linens, and towels; in other words, they’re extra versatile, and they won’t fail you.

3. Dressers, Shelves, and Rods Combo

If you have a low-standing dresser, there’s surely adequate room above it. Install a rod in that space, and use it as a clothes rack. Shelves will also function perfectly as storage for shoes and garments.

4. Pipes

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with plumbing. Instead, you’d give the pipes a new function as a clothes rack. You can customize them to different heights and lengths, such as having one long pipe at the top, and another one at the bottom. That way, all your hangers can have a decent room.

Clothing Organization Hacks

clothing rack

Additional storage can end up useless without good organization. Arranging your garments in a particular order will maximize space and reduce clutter. Moreover, it’ll help you avoid misplacing and damaging some items.

That said, here are some genius clothing organization hacks:

1. Hang Clothes Vertically

If your wardrobe is narrow, or the new racks you’ve installed are still insufficient, the trick is to hang some of your clothes vertically. It can be done using a cheap plastic chain and an S-clip.

Simply hang the S-clip on the rack or rod, then hang one end of the chain to S-clip’s hook. The chains will then serve as your new vertical “rack.”

2. Use Dividers

To organize undergarments, cravats, handkerchiefs, and other small articles of clothing, dividers are highly recommended. They’ll create a system in your drawers or dressers, letting you easily spot whatever you need.

3. De-Clutter

The best hack to stay organized to is to periodically de-clutter your wardrobe. Each time you buy new clothes, consider disposing of at least one in turn. Surely you don’t don every clothing you own, so give the forgotten ones some love by donating or re-selling them.

A man who knows how to dress well tends to be uncommon, so kick your fashion game up a notch by dressing up your wardrobe smartly, too. Good organization goes beyond being neat, as it will also help you become more mature and responsible.

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