What Goes in the Modern Office Bathroom?

The office needs to be more than just a productive and efficient space. Of course, it will be the primary establishment for business operations. Tons of office equipment and supplies will be available for employees in that area. However, business owners must look elsewhere when turning the workspace into a comfortable environment. After all, your employees will spend most of their days inside the facility.

No matter how many tools and equipment you provide to improve employee performance, your workers will not be able to when they feel uncomfortable. As a result, business owners must set up surrounding amenities for the office.

Amenities like the pantry and breakroom can help them improve. Creating an outdoor workspace might also be an ideal renovation project. However, no facility bears more value than the office bathroom. Business owners must recognize how essential bathrooms are for people’s comfort. It isn’t just about providing them with toilets and sinks. The office bathroom requires a modern design to ensure employees stay comfortable when using the facilities. Here are a few details that belong to the aesthetics of today’s office bathroom.

Wide Bathroom Space


Designing an office bathroom is different from the ones you have at home. Most residential bathrooms prioritize privacy, making it rare for the room to have more than one toilet or bathtub. If you follow that design in the office, you can expect a long queue before using the facilities. Unfortunately, comfort is already out the door when you pursue that project.

The office bathroom needs to have more than one toilet. It will depend on how many employees you have. The more workers you have in one workspace, the more toilets you need to have available for them. Of course, privacy remains essential when employees expel their body waste. Bathroom stalls are enough to provide them with that intimate atmosphere. However, you already knew that.

Employees must be comfortable even when waiting for occupied stalls to become available. Waiting by the hallway might not be ideal, especially with employees running around and bumping into them. Fortunately, you can widen the area to ensure they can wait inside. They can spend time inside the facility, making their queueing time more comfortable. Nobody will witness them jumping up and down trying to hold their pee. Planning the space can help you identify how to make the bathroom more comfortable, and it will lead you to create a spacious area in front of bathroom stalls ten times out of ten.

Updated Fixtures

It is easy to focus on providing employees with the bathroom fixtures they need, but the expenses might be over the budget. As a result, you might want to seek toilets with lower price tags. However, it isn’t the only fixture to worry about for the office bathroom. Businesses must provide employees with the complete bathroom package. That means sinks, faucets, and mirrors. Bathroom supplies like tissues, wet wipes, and hand soaps must also be available. Those products are essential for every person inside the office. However, fixtures remain the most valuable.

Updating the toilets and faucet taps might be necessary, especially when most of them already display damages beyond maintenance and repair.

Those upgrades must come in bulk because the office bathrooms are part of branding. Fortunately, you can find bathroom product suppliers that can fetch you a lower price when you make them long-term partners.

Upgrades could also work for bathroom appliances. Most offices install bidets to make employees feel more comfortable when expelling body waste. Hand dryers and automatic soap dispensers will also keep employees sanitized in what is usually a dirty room. Those updates make office bathrooms modern, making it necessary to focus funding and effort into the process. It might take a while before you can perform the renovation, but it will be worth it once employees feel more comfortable inside the office. Taking the improvements one bathroom at a time will be necessary, ensuring that people can expel body waste as soon as it calls.

Vanity Section

Modern bathrooms highlight one element over functionality. The change in design promotes the room’s environment, encouraging people to stay longer than usual. For residential bathrooms, homeowners staying inside the area for more than thirty minutes is average. However, employees might not even take two minutes before leaving. While it might help them get to their work desks faster, employees might end up skipping a few sanitation procedures.

Fortunately, creating an aesthetic vanity section can prevent them from rushing out. They will take their time by going through the hand washing and drying routines before going back to work. Employees will also perform makeup and skincare routines in the area, giving businesses more reasons to improve the mirrors and lighting.

The modern office bathroom can dictate how your employees feel inside the office. They might not be the direct factor for their work performance and loyalty, but how they perceive the amenities are significant. Your improvements will be necessary, making it ideal to pursue a renovation project if you have outdated office bathrooms.

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