Making an Impact Through Eco-Friendly Packaging

More companies are noticing that people are taking closer looks at what they are buying. It is not only the ingredients that they look at but the packaging, too. What they are looking for are eco-friendly products that don’t make them guilty after they buy.

No matter what product you are selling, it is important to consider changing your packaging to something non-plastic and/or biodegradable. At the very least, they need to be recyclable. Here are some tips on how to choose the right packaging for your product:

Use the Latest Materials

Scientists are always coming up with some new fascinating material to wow people with. Some of them are pretty eco-friendly. Bio-plastics are a popular choice right now. This is because these packages look and feel like plastic but are made of biodegradable materials. Instead of waiting for centuries for them to break down and decay, they can be gone in a single month. Look around for companies that can offer these to you though you might have to pay a premium for them.

Reduce Packaging

One of the pet peeves of many buyers is that they sometimes think they are buying air. This is because some companies deliver even the smallest products in the biggest packages. Ensuring that you only use the right amount of packaging is important. Take a look at your product and find packaging that will be an exact fit for it. If possible, customize your packages instead of depending on mass-market packaging.

Consider Using Existing Materials

waste paper

You probably have dozens of old papers and cardboard in your office. Whether they are old useless files or outdated newspapers, you can use them for packaging. Some packaging ideas for these will need some creativity. A good example is when an egg seller decided that, instead of having plastic or cardboard egg cartons made, she could fold old newspapers into small egg packages.

Some other options for recycling old materials are more direct. For example, the HSM Profipack 425 cardboard shredder is a useful new item that takes in all the old cardboard that you have and turns them into soft padding that you can use to protect your deliveries. This eliminates the need for bubble wrap and is a cheaper option.

Be Creative

Look at your product and think of different ways of packaging it. It doesn’t only help the environment but also sets apart your product. For example, a winemaker decided to not use glass bottles anymore. They decided that they would use paper bottles, which makes their product more striking on the grocery shelves.

You can also decide to use plantable packaging. Besides being biodegradable, the package also has seeds so that wherever the packaging goes, there will be plants sprouting up. That is a rather unique approach that would catch people’s eyes.

Becoming eco-friendly will not only attract you more customers. It can also save you money in the long run since it is cheaper and more efficient. In addition, helping the planet can benefit everyone. That is why you should seriously consider some of the packaging suggestions above. Choose one that will fit your product best to show the world that you are serious about going green.

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