Life After Divorce: How to Make a New Home

Divorce is both an ending and a beginning. Upon closing a chapter of your life, you embark on a new one. As a newly single person, you have plenty to consider.
One is your housing situation. Many divorcees choose to move away from their old home since a new home in Draper, for instance, is far better than a house riddled with sad memories. It’s going to be challenging, but you can make the process of setting up your new life easier with these tips.

First: Buy or Rent?

When shopping for your new house, don’t be hasty in making decisions. Instead, settle a temporary living arrangement first. Then, carefully go through your finances since it will help you decide if you should rent or buy yourself a new property.

Aside from finances, try to look at other aspects of your life, too. Do you have kids on shared custody? If yes, make sure that your new place can accommodate their growing needs, as well.

Purge the Past

You’ve acquired your new home. Now, it’s time to go through your belongings and sort them out. What can stay? What needs to go in the trash? What can you donate?

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is applicable to this case. Do your wedding photos not bring you joy? Does the wedding gown in your closet make you uncomfortable? If necessary, pack them up with other things you wish to get rid of. You don’t need to bring unnecessary memories to your new home.

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Make Yourself at Home

Just like in other moving scenarios, quickly unpack your items from boxes. While it may seem like a good idea to live out of suitcases and boxes now, it will only make things harder when feelings hit you again.

While on a roll, hasten your pace when it comes to beautifying your home. Paint the walls with your favorite color. Hang photos or art pieces that bring you joy. Shop for furniture that fits the aesthetic you’re going for. If you have the budget, indulge yourself a little as a form of self-care. This new home will be the one you’ll have for quite some time. It’s only the best when you’re happy with it.

Keep Things Clean

Research has found that filthy environments have the power to affect a person’s headspace, especially women. Living in a cluttered home may cause distress, extreme stress, and even depression. If you already have a difficult time coping, it’s good to take the time to clean up your space.

It doesn’t even have to be a deep cleaning. Making your bed, opening the curtains, and taking the trash out can already create significant impacts.

Go Outside

Your new home is bound to be cozy after the work you’ve done with it. As a result, you might be more tempted to stay in, especially when you’re feeling low. But, try to resist the temptation every once in a while.

As a new person, you’ll get to experience the world in a totally different manner this time around. Check out the popular spots in your area and try to get to know the locals. This is one of the steps you need to take to further progress in your new life.

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