Let There Be Light: How to Let More Sunlight into Your Home

Indeed, the benefits of natural sunlight in your home cannot be overemphasized. It’s as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. For starters, natural sunlight means a healthy dose of vitamins B and D directly infused into your home. That’s a lot of healing power under your roof. And yes, lest we forget, sunlight is a natural antiseptic, effectively putting harmful microorganisms to a timely stop—small wonder why molds cower in its presence.

Thus, it all makes sense to let more sunlight into your precious abode. The more rays of the sun are guesting, and the healthier and happier your place should be (especially now that it’s winter). Unfortunately, your abode may not be as sunshine-friendly as you think it should be.

In this regard, a host of tried-and-tested tricks could be your daily living a timely boost. Know that improving the natural lighting of your home has a great bonus. It means getting your home added protection against the coronavirus. Studies published by Oxford University Press pointed out sunlight can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. And that’s telling you it’s a timely makeover you should be doing as soon as now.

Choose bright color paints for walls

This first trick works like magic. If you have a dull color in your home, it’s a contributing factor to the house being dark. So the solution to this is opting for bright colors for the walls. Colors like white and pink would be great. They are great reflectors of light.

If you are doing this, then be careful about the type of paint. Opting for flat wall paint would be a bad idea. It would help if you had something glossy that can reflect light well. Also, opting for satin would be a good option. For semi-gloss and gloss paint, you have to be a bit careful as they tend to magnify imperfections in the painting.

Opt for a mirror

The goal when trying to improve natural lighting in your home is increasing reflecting surfaces. A mirror is a great reflective surface. It would help to bounce the small light coming into the house. That’s why there is the proper placement for the mirror. It should be placed opposite the window. That way, the light coming in is bounced back to other parts of the house that are dark.

For this, opting for a large and clean mirror would be great. They do the job best. But if finding a large one is next to impossible, deploying a medium-sized mirror should be okay. It would still be able to do the work, albeit in a limited way.

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Max window care

Another important trick is window care. Many people don’t know that your window has a lot of roles to play in natural lighting in your home. How? Top of that list is placement. If the placement is bad and no sunlight comes in, then it would be a problem.

This is why seeking appropriate window covering plays a huge role in allowing sunlight in. A good one acts as a good facilitator. It allows light to come in when you need it most and filters it when you don’t. Such light control gives you heat in the cooler winter months while limiting it during summer days.

To a large degree, windows act as good insulators. They ensure you get to maximize energy use inside your precious abode. In this sense, they play a supporting role in your overall HVAC strategy.

On one end, too much UV rays can also damage your interior. It can ruin artwork and cause furniture to fade. So proper window treatment means you keep your furnishings in pristine condition. This could involve shutters, blinds, or shades.

Moreover, it would be best if you did not neglect to clean your windows. Clear glass, for one, means more light can pass through. Plus, the cleaner the surface of the window, the more reflective it is. And this would improve natural lighting in your home.

Trim trees

If you have all the options stated above, then something else might be the problem. There are times that the trees in your home are the problem. The trees could have grown so big that they are blocking the rays of light. And you most likely haven’t even thought about it.

So peep through your window right now. If that’s the reason, then you should get these trees trimmed. And let as much light shine through your home and all the blessings along with it.

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