Keep Your Home Safe with Simple Burglar-Proofing

Crime is a major concern for many homeowners nowadays. Some people invest in high-tech security, while others put it in guns. But, the truth is, you only need to be smart and observant to keep thieves away from your home and belongings. One part of being smart is by implementing some simple improvements to your house. Here is a list of changes that will make your house better able to resist any intruders.

Strengthen The Doors

One of the most significant defenses you have against intruders is a good stout door. People think it is all about the lock. However, locks are only one part that can keep intruders out. Smart thieves can force your door open and other things. That is why you need to install a secure door jamb set to frame your doors, both interior and exterior. You also need to install a deadbolt on the inside of the exterior doors. These are difficult to circumvent. Additionally, a strike plate prevents other means of forcing your doors open.

Don’t Forget the Windows

The other primary entry into your home is the windows. Reinforce window frames and install locks so that thieves can’t knock your windows open. Durable window glass is not enough. You might want to apply some security film so that windows don’t shatter on strong impacts. You can also plant some prickly bushes underneath your windows. Doing this can prevent thieves from loitering around the windows to figure out how to enter.

Throw Up Some Lights

Thieves do not like it when they can be seen. That is where the lights come in. Outdoor lighting should be in both the front and back yard. They should be most prominent near the entry areas, such as doors and windows. The pathways should also be well-lit. Besides frightening off thieves, they make it easier for you when you arrive home after dark. Another subtle improvement would be to add motion sensors so that they activate automatically. You can also save money by hooking them up to solar panels and batteries.

Clean Up Your Yard

house exterior

Your yard is where thieves will approach. If it is a mess, it provides them with multiple hiding spots. Clean it up by cutting down shrubs and other convenient hiding places. You should have a clear sightline from your windows of the yard. Opt for small flower beds and bushes so that your yard can still look good. If your property has trees, ensure that there are no trees close to your house.

Have a Safe

If a burglar does get into your house, you don’t want the most valuable stuff to be easy to find. This is where a safe comes in. It is where you place the most important documents, jewelry, and cash. If you have guns, a separate gun safe would be a good idea so that you can keep weapons out of any intruder’s hands.

Be Safe

The security of your home is not dependent on how much you spend on it. All you need is to be aware and take precautions. The upgrades above are all simple and affordable. Implement them in your home, and you can sleep safer at night.

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