Business Growth for the Construction Industry: Growing Your Home Renovation Business

There’s no denying how the construction industry has long been thriving. It’s easy to see commercial and residential properties getting built and erected in different parts of the world.

Sure, the construction sector has a temporary hiatus amid the COVID-19 crisis. However, home improvement projects have surged during the pandemic. Many households have undertaken complete home renovation, partial house remodeling, and tradesman works.

But according to Mckinsey, the construction industry will most likely bounce back and emerge more robust than ever before during the post-COVID period. The pandemic is reshaping the sector and redefining its future.

As early as now, consider growing your construction firm. It’s best to consider doing so, knowing that house projects have boomed during this pandemic. If you specialize in home renovation, strike while the iron is hot.

That said, here’s how to grow your home renovation business:

1. Set business goals and objectives

Launching a business requires the entrepreneur to set its business goals. The same is true if you’re looking to grow and expand your home renovation business. During this pandemic, consider reevaluating your current business objectives. As a business owner, ask yourself what you want to achieve during and after the pandemic. How do you see your business five years or ten years from now? With these in mind, you’ll align your strategies with your goals. Ultimately, doing so will help your business grow and expand over time.

2. Expand your area of coverage

As a home renovation business, you are catering to the remodeling needs of your local households. Chances are, you have set the parameters of your service coverage area. Why not consider going beyond these parameters during this pandemic? It’s one best way to grow your business, as long as you have the workforce and resources to pull off the work. If you’re only covering one city for your home renovation services, consider expanding to nearby cities in your state.

3. Offer various house remodeling services

As a home renovation business, you probably offer some house remodeling services. If not, you may specialize in one service type such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodeling. During this pandemic, consider offering other services. These include basement finishing and remodeling, roofing installation and repair, exterior remodeling, and outdoor landscaping. Ultimately, offering new services is one way to grow and expand your business.

Contractor laying new tile on floor

4. Grow your team of professional home contractors

A home renovation business consists of professional contractors. They may specialize in a particular house remodeling project. If not, they may cover various types of services. But during this pandemic, you may want to grow your team of professionals. That way, you can cater to more and more clients, thus expanding your business. But when doing so, be highly critical and selective. Not only do you factor in their construction knowledge and skills, but you also have to consider their areas of expertise and industry experience. Ultimately, hire home contractors who have the dedication and commitment to work.

5. Invest in digital tools and technologies

There’s no denying the digital transformation and technological advancement in many businesses across various industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need to invest in digital tools and technologies. The construction industry is no exception. If you’re looking to grow your home renovation business, invest in tools and technologies. For instance, consider automation for your construction report, 3D printing for your manufacturing, robotics for construction assistance, and smart wearables for your contractors.

6. Employ digital marketing strategies

When growing your home renovation business, you must earn plenty of clients hiring your services. However, reach out to as many prospects as possible. That’s where digital marketing comes into play. As such, consider the following online campaigns:

  • Website marketing: Update and optimize your business website. It is where you’ll display and promote your home renovation services.
  • Search engine marketing: Employ search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your online visibility and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase your website traffic.
  • Email marketing: Send promotional emails to regular and prospective clients offering your house remodeling services.
  • Content marketing: Regularly produce and publish relevant content pieces, whether how-to articles, home renovation images, or promotional video clips. If they resonate with your target clients, they’ll end up getting your services.
  • Social media marketing: Harness the power of social media channels to reach out to plenty of clients and promote your home renovation services.

At this point, you now know what it takes to grow your home renovation business. Be sure to consider the business growth strategies recommended above, from setting business goals and objectives down to employing digital marketing strategies.

While the COVID-19 crisis is here to stay, boost your home renovation firm in the new normal. Come the post-COVID period, expect it to emerge more robust than ever before. In the end, you’ll see your business grow, flourish, and succeed in the long run.

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