Five Stress-free Steps to Hosting a Gathering at Your Home

Whole states and even countries are relaxing after months of confinement and isolation. For example, the United Kingdom has even released some guidelines on how to handle the transition and preserve the health of their citizens.

Now that people can officially begin seeing each other again in groups, you need to understand how you can do so without jeopardizing your health. Not to mention, you need some advice on how you can make the gathering as easy to prepare for as possible.

The following steps help you plan a limited gathering at your house safely and easily.

Winnow the Guest List

Despite the relaxed rules, it’s still better for everyone if you limit your guest list to less than 10 people, or the inhabitants of 2 households. Even if your planned gathering is something important like funeral services or equally significant events, its better for everyone to meet in small numbers. Go through your guest list and only invite those who must absolutely be there. For example, if you’re hosting a wake, remember to include the religious representative in your guest list.

Choose an Outside Venue

Confined spaces mean less room to maintain optimal distances, so instead of hosting a sit-down meal in your dining room, opt to host your gathering in the garden or a similar outside space. The fresh air will also be welcome after weeks of spending time indoors. If you’re worried about the weather turning, procure picnic umbrellas or tarps.

Better yet, why not set up a picnic-style gathering on your lawn? A few blankets, a couple of umbrellas, and people can dine al fresco while maintaining a safe space between them.

Prepare a Path

backyard partyUnless you have a front-facing lawn or a side path, people will have to go through your house to get to the garden or lawn. To minimize the chance of them wandering about and touching things, cordon a path through your home. Clearly demarcate this path by locking doors along it or putting up signs. If you have a porch or a balcony, you can designate this as a safe area for people to go to for shade. Marking out where your guests can and can’t go can help lower the risk of spreading contaminants.

Set Up the Bathroom

Its inevitable that someone will have to use your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it less risky to do so. If you live in a multistory home, the bathroom closes to the ground floor should be the one you set aside for guests. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom the day before. Provide ample sanitary wipes and handwashing liquid inside the restroom. Also, put up signs that require guest to wipe down all the surfaces they’ve touched after using the bathroom.

Ensure Lots of Space

As archaic as it may seem, planning a seating arrangement is the best way to induce social distancing during your gathering. In the outside venue, ensure that no more than two people share a table or a picnic blanket. Space out seats and tables by six feet, if possible. Provide copies of the seating arrangement to guests and label which chairs they’re supposed to occupy.

As a host, you have the responsibility to ensure the continued health and well-being of your guests. Following standard safety guidelines and ensuring appropriate distancing not only protects your friends and neighbors, but also ensures your own safety.

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