Dwayne Johnson: Entrepreneurial Lessons You Can Learn from Him

If two words speak of great success today of a man, it must be “The Rock.” And why not? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the epitome of success for everyone on the planet. Not only is he one of the most successful wrestlers of this generation, but also he’s a most accomplished actor. For years now, he has become the most bankable actor to date. He’s duly recognized as the highest-paid actor for two years in a row earning $89.4 in 2019 and $87.5 in 2020.

To top all that, the Rock is also a successful businessman who just launched not one but two businesses during the pandemic. He just launched his tequila brand, aptly named Teremana. And it’s off to a good start selling over 300,000 9-liter cases since it started. But there’s another. He’s also launched ZOA Energy, an energy drink company.

And lest we forget, Dwayne is also a father to two young pretty girls and a husband to his loving wife. Indeed, taking a page out of the Rock’s book would be wise for any budding entrepreneur.

He Wakes Up Early

Waking up early puts you at a great advantage. Simply put, it allows you to stay ahead of the activities of the day. Waking up before the sun rises means you can have time to prepare for your day more than most. Well, if you think otherwise, then you should take a look at how Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does it every single day.

One of the key routines the former WWE star observes is he’s an early riser. Every day he makes it a point to rise at four in the morning. And what does he say about it? To sum it all up, he details he’s putting in the hard work and doing what the competition isn’t willing to do.

It’s a mantra of not resting on his laurels that matters or, as the Hollywood star himself describes as “going hungry” always. And he’s willing to go even wake up at 3 AM if the competition wakes up at 4 AM. Talk about walking the talk.

He Exercises First Thing

Now, call it his power hour. But the first thing that the Rock does every day is to attend to his owns personal needs. He goes to the gym and pumps iron in the early hours of the day when the sun hasn’t even shown a single shine.

Now, if you are wondering if that helped him, the results should say it all. Not only is he a top-earner, but he’s also a most coveted actor. He earned People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2016 in his 40s.

Take note that entrepreneurs, thanks to their focused-on-business lifestyle, tend to burn the candle and sacrifice everything, health including, to reach a goal. In short, they’re under stress all the time. Small wonder entrepreneurs attract a slew of health risks more than the average Joe.


Indeed, taking time to attend to your body’s needs and relax daily should be paramount. Thankfully, the Rock has given us a way on how to do it via exercise. However, if you’re not into strength training and lifting iron, other forms of exercise that you could do at home should bid you well.

For one, swimming provides a truly relaxing exercise that you can do right within your premises. In this regard, having professionals build an inground swimming pool right in your backyard can go a long way to maintain your mental and physical health. Even better, you have a great way to spend time and bond with your family.

He Trusts in Experts

The Rock may make us all look like puny humans with all the achievements he’s done. But he’s keeping his feet to the ground. He knows his limits.

And even when he seems to be good at everything he does, the Jumanji star trusts experts to do things that he’s not as capable of. To boot, he hires a gym trainer Hany Rambod. Call him his conditioning coach. And yes, Hany is no ordinary trainer too. He’s an expert. He’s trained names like Phil Heath, who won Mr. Olympia not just once but five times.

The same thing happened in his businesses. The Rock has expert partners who help him manage the business to greater heights. For instance, he’s partnered with John Shulman, founder of Juggernaut Capital, for his ZOA business.

Truth be told, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson is in touch with reality. He knows his limits and makes the most of them. And that’s what makes him so effective.

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