Childhood Dreams: The Ones that Can Be Real Now

There are a lot of notions and aspirations we have as children that tend to drift away as we grow older because our interests change or we are convinced that they are unachievable. Sometimes, though, life finds a way to make these things a reality without you having noticed. Here are a few ways you can live out your inner kid’s dreams as a grown-up:

  • Share a lifetime supply of pizza

Americans love to eat pizza, and recent data reveals that the nation makes up for large consumption of the delicious cheesy dough. Kids make up a large number of avid lovers of the stuff, especially from ages six to 19 years old.

Ever have that dream of being able to bring everyone together for some tasty goodness? Well, instead of having a big old backyard party that’ll empty your pockets in a flash, you can achieve this goal sustainably. All you have to do is invest in the business. Owning a pizza franchise has become more doable in this day and age, with legitimate and established brands allowing people to take part in the industry and charter it where they please.

Of course, this comes with the adult necessities of investment and management, but it’s more accessible now than it ever was before. Resources are fixed into a good agreement, and you can be assured that you can bring in people because you are hopping on a brand that has become familiar to the market.

  • Flying into space

This dream is becoming ever more attainable even for people who haven’t pursued a career as an astronaut. Virgin Galactic has announced before that it has been working towards commercial flights for regular people to be able to go to space. Yes, that is the actual beyond that goes past the skies we’ve known our whole lives.

While these flights aren’t quite launched yet, they have recently finished the construction of two aircraft that have been tested and proven to carry their own weight. From there, the company has announced launch plans as early as 2020. Celebrities have even started getting reservations for their seats on this previously unheard-of journey.

  • Stand atop the city like a superhero

Anyone who has watched superhero movies or read comics in their childhood has had that image of looking over the cityscape atop the highest tower and essentially having a vast bird’s eye view. However, there didn’t seem to be any viable spots that were safe or legally traversable. That’s all changed now, though.

One World Observatory is found in New York, exceeding even the height of the Empire State Building. It is the second-highest manmade structure in the Western hemisphere and is currently available for people to enter. Other than the restaurants and exhibits open on the 100th floor and up, visitors get an amazing overlooking view that can make anyone feel super.

With these things making young dreams a reality, it seems like anything can be possible if people put their minds to it and get to work.

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