Californian Air Pollution: Steps on How to Cope with It

The air quality index in California is not as good as one might think if you based it on the known images of its beaches, star-studded streets, and wine-tasting havens. Many of its cities teeter on moderate AQIs that make it particularly difficult for those with allergies and sensitivities. So, how can you ensure that you are getting the best air quality if you’re staying in the Land of Milk and Honey?

Get your vents and ducts cleaned

Air pollution is one of the big baddies that cause the quality of what you’re breathing in to suffer. With the build-up of dust and contaminants, it would be wise to get some vent and duct cleaning, especially in areas like Sacramento, where particles have more of a tendency to circulate as opposed to other cities.

When a build-up happens, it lessens the effectiveness of your ducts in circulating the air throughout your home. Having good airflow is crucial for comfortable breathing indoors, especially if you are in a space with multiple residents. That is also crucial if you plan on keeping your windows shut.

Proper ventilation also ensures that there isn’t an overgrowth of moisture in your home. If there is too much moisture, your home becomes a breeding ground for more bacteria, and it will be harder to filter out pollutants.

Invest in a purifier

This option is an investment that can truly benefit a household in the long run, especially in terms of ridding the space of allergens, like dust and pollen. That is crucial if you have allergic rhinitis, sensitive lungs, or a predisposition to getting the colds.

Purifiers also work to eliminate bacteria and even mold that may be growing in spaces you don’t always get to check on, such as ducts and crevices. A multitude of models and options on the market fit different needs in terms of space and budget. Some models now also function to combat bugs, which can add to the comfort of staying in your own home.

Reduce your own emissions and air contaminationMan using facemask

There are also lifestyle changes and measures you can take to make sure that you are inhaling the best air you can.

Minimizing your usage of gas-powered equipment, avoiding wood-burning as much as possible, and limiting your car trips can be a big help in improving the quality of air in your direct vicinity. These changes can especially be crucial during days with high particle levels. That can be checked daily online, and it would be wise to look up events that can cause higher particles for an area. These include wildfires and global warming issues.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, energy conservation can be a real gamechanger for households that want better air quality. Efficient vapor recovery and management of emissions are key factors that are a part of daily life.

Breathing is second-nature for everyone, so putting in the effort to keep up with modernization’s changes to how air affects is a must to make sure that life can be led comfortably, no matter what age you are.

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