Your car is five years old. It’s an entry-level model you bought from a dealer in Utah. The sales guy was offering you all sorts of bells and whistles to upgrade the existing features of your car, but you said you didn’t have the budget yet. You just took the model as is. You figure you can wait up a few years when you’ve saved up some money before you add any upgrade.

But an incident at the grocery car park just happened. There was a significant dent on your rear bumper, which you’re sure was caused by the careless handling of a grocery cart. Now, you find yourself visiting the nearest automotive accessories shop looking for backup cameras in Utah. You also thought that you might as well consider accessorizing your car. There are so many devices and trimmings to choose from that you don’t know how to go about it.

An Overview of Car Ownership in America

The average age of an American car is 11.5 years old, which is reportedly a record compared to previous years. Although Americans will continue to buy new cars, car owners are now keeping their old vehicles since they last longer.

You might be right in your decision five years ago. You can still enjoy all the upgrades that you’re going to make by keeping the car for at least five or six more years.

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Which Bells and Whistles?

A rear dashcam might be a no-brainer. You should put that at the top of your list. It’ll be a big help during accident disputes and for insurance claim purposes. Here are more ways to accessorize your car:

  1. HUDs. Heads-up display or HUD evokes a “Minority Report” type of vibe, where an image seems to float in the air like holograms. The technology is similar to a projector. The navigation information on your phone, for example, appears as clear visuals onto your windshield. Pricier cars in the market like Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Land Rovers come with a build-in HUD. But the aftermarket model can be bought for around $100 to $300.
  2. Backup sensors. The rear dashcam is visual. You could also add parking sensors so that when you navigate through tight parking spaces, you will also hear beeping sounds when you’re about to hit a wall or post. Make sure you discuss with your accessories dealer the price of two and the cost of four sensors. If the prices are significantly higher with the four, you can save on expenses by just selecting two sensors.
  3. Turbos. If you’re the type who wants a little bit more oomph in the pulling power of your engine, installing a turbo kit might be too your liking. This might set you back at least $500. But if you feel the need for speed and power, this might be a suitable upgrade for you.
  4. Head unit with Bluetooth. CarPlay and Android Auto were invented in 2014 and 2015, respectively. When it came out, customers still had some issues with phone connectivity. Today, that is no longer a problem, especially if you upgrade your stereo system to units that include this feature and Bluetooth. Recent models of head units already come with navigation features, satellite radio, and amazing high-resolution touch screen displays.

A dashcam, of course, goes without saying. That’s up there on your priority together with the rear dashcam. Some people also like to add body kits (e.g., spoilers or aftermarket grills and bumpers). Have a vision about the essential upgrade that you want to have and gradually build from there. Just don’t make it look like a Christmas tree!

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