15 Creative Ways of Repurposing Window Shutters

If you’re in the process of remodeling your home and are considering getting a custom window shutter work from a professional, don’t throw away your old shutters yet.

Your trash could still become treasure around the house given the right treatment.

15 Ways to Creatively Give New Life to Your Old Shutters

1. Shutter Headboard

Grab a few shutters, paint them in fun colors or those that complement your bedroom’s design, put them together, and use them as a headboard for your bed.

2. Wall Decor

One of the most typical yet versatile uses of a plantation shutter is wall decor. You can hang other wall decors on it, repaint it, your only limit is your creativity.

3. Photo Holder

Once you’ve put those shutters up on the wall, you can do with it whatever you like, such as a decorative photo holder. Whether you hang picture frames on it or clip-on pics using clothespins, shutters make for a pretty good backdrop for your photos.

4. Shutter Bench

Some of those old plantation shutters are made from sturdy material. With some minor reinforcement and woodwork, you can turn one panel into a bench.

5. Planters

Shutters with open slats can be converted into small succulent planters. If you want something a little bigger, you can take a couple of shutters and turn it into a small wooden crate-type planter that’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

6. Pendant Lantern

Take four skinny shutters and put them together to create a stunning pendant lantern that will look good in any part of your home. What’s great about it is you can adjust the slats to dim or brighten up the room.

7. Side Table

This one’s a pretty easy build. Take a few worn-out shutters with chipped paint, put them together and place a glass on top of it and you have for yourself a nice antique bedside table in less than an hour.

spacious living room

8. Vertical Garden

Convert larger shutters into vertical succulent gardens by stapling weed-cloth at the back of each shutter to hold roots in place and placing the succulents in the slats in front.

9. Gardening Cabinet

Similar to the side table, you can turn a few panels into a garden cabinet to store your tools and boots. Just be sure to point the slats down when you put them together so that rainwater won’t go inside.

10. Shutter Shelves

There are two ways you can go about this one. The first one is to install individual shutters on the wall. The second way is to build an entire shelving unit. Either way, it makes for creative and useful storage and display space.

11. Window Frame Art

While this isn’t exactly repurposing it since shutters were intended to frame windows, the approach in which this is done can make all the difference — framing the window from inside the house instead of outside.

12. Wall Organizer

Take one or two shutters, mount them on the wall with the slats facing up and you have for yourself an instant wall organizer where you can hang and clip important items.

13. Console Table

Just like the shutter bench, you can convert a panel into a console table with some extra woodwork.

14. Tabletop Centerpiece

A small shutter piece can be cleaned, repainted, and placed on a table as a centerpiece or an added platform for a centerpiece.

15. Accent Wall

If you have plenty of shutters and lots of time on your hand, you can work on filling up an entire wall with shutters from floor to ceiling. This takes a whole lot of dedication to pull through but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

Give your home some added personality by repurposing those old plantation shutters into works of art.

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